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Who we are. What we love.

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Our faith has always lead us in the right direction, whether that be moving to another state, starting a new career or expanding our family. Our journey began in 2011 when we moved to a new state with our families hours away. We began creating, making and building things for our home. Little did we know at the time that this was a blessing in disguise. Our friends told us that we should sell our creations and that is what we did the week before Thanksgiving in 2013. We decided we would call ourselves Built By Faith Design Company, because that was exactly what we were doing. Stepping out in faith in a way that our family needed at the time to supplement our income and help put food on our table. Life happens and we moved again (to another state) in 2014. Moving put a halt to our creating.. As our kids were getting a little older and going to school, we didn't have as much time to dedicate to Built By Faith. With the pandemic we have had some extra time on our hands and have started creating and making and building again. This time we are going full force and have invested in machines to help us!  Each Built By Faith Design Company custom engraved wood item is made and built with love in our own workshop with the hope that it will find a special place in your home! 

In His Service,

Chris and Amy

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